KNX daemon


I am cur­rent­ly the (on­ly ac­tive) main­tain­er of knxd.


To talk to KNX, you need

  • hard­ware

  • soft­­ware

Hard­ware is sim­ple, in­stall a KNX/IP or KNX/UDP gate­way. Soft­ware is sim­ple too, you in­stell eib­d.

Umm … not re­al­ly.

An IP gate­way is non­sense, it costs €150 and you al­ready have a Rasp­ber­ry Pi in there. A com­mer­cial USB gate­way is al­so non­sense be­cause the ETS pro­gram­mers did­n't want to deal with writ­ing an USB driver, so they bolt­ed KNX on top of the HID (Hu­man In­ter­face De­vice) spec­i­fi­ca­tion, which KNX is kind of … not. This has been proben to be un­sta­ble, long-ter­m.

There's bet­ter hard­ware, e.g. the TUL from You can get that as a USB de­vice, or as a board on top of your Rasp­ber­ry Pi.

Which leaves us with the software problem. eibd hasn't been maintained properly for years and didn't work with ETS 5, thus a couple of people forked it early in 2015. I mentioned in passing that I'd like to help … and 50 commits later I'm the person with the "knxd maintainer" hat.

Oh well. Some­body's got­ta do it. 😎