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Fun with InoReader+Tumblr

I'm us­ing In­oRe­ad­er. I al­so like to look at lots of pret­ty im­ages on Tum­blr. (No, not what you're think­ing of. Not just that, any­way.)

That so­lu­tion is nice, but I have a cou­ple of small prob­lem­s:

  • Tum­blr's RSS refers to small pre­view im­ages.

    I want the large ver­­sion.

  • I want to skip en­tries with­­out im­ages.

    In­­oRe­ad­er can do that. How­ev­er …

  • I want to skip small im­ages.

    In­­oRe­ad­er can't do that.

  • I want to skip GIF­s: they're smal­l, low-qual­i­­ty, and rarely in­­ter­est­ing.

    In­­oRe­ad­er can't do that ei­ther.

Thus, let's build a cou­ple of workaround­s!

I've parked the sources in a gist for you.

This small Python script scans one of my In­oRe­ad­er fold­er­sm mark­ing all en­tries as read which I want to skip.


This is a Grease­mon­key / Tam­per­mon­key scrip­t. It re­places all links to Tum­blr pre­view im­ages with the "large" ver­sion.

API keys

The whole thing needs a couple of API keys. There's no API to fetch these, so you need to do it yourself. The start of tells you where to find them.